Sales Policy & Cancellations and Postponements

Our Sales Policy will make you satisfied as a customer and stoasirince.orgIt is designed to inform you about the purchasing process in . This Sales Policy forms part of our Terms of Use with reference herein.

Sales Policy: When purchasing services from Stoa, you are entitled to a predetermined limited number of services for each event. This number is to be mentioned on the first purchase page. With this practice, it is aimed to prevent unfair service purchases.

Events may be canceled or postponed from time to time for various reasons. In case of cancellation, you can contact us to get information about the refund. In case of a change in the place or time of the event, some fee refunds and time limitations may apply.

For information about the service purchase you have made, contact us and inform the order number given to you at the time of completion of your order.

Terms and Conditions of Service

  1. The service you have purchased continues to be the property of Stoa; It is a personal leave that can be withdrawn and denied entry at any time by refunding the fee. The Purchaser represents and warrants that this service has been purchased exclusively for personal use and not to constitute an element of any business or commercial activity (except as expressly permitted by Stoa). In private, the service may not be sold or offered for sale, whether for an additional fee or otherwise; It cannot be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes) or other commercial purposes. Selling or attempting to sell the Service at a price higher than the price announced on our website and purchased by the customer is grounds for seizure or cancellation of the service without any refund or other compensation.
  2. In order for children under the age of 18 to participate in activities at Stoa, their parents must submit the undertaking on our website. from here After downloading, they must fill in, sign and deliver to Stoa.
  3. Applications are directed to the relevant trainer and evaluated. If you do not receive a response within 5 (five) business days regarding the result of your application, you can send us a message from your membership page on our website or You can access it at. The same procedure is valid for the artist accommodation and the applications of the audience who want to watch the festival on board.
  4. In some workshops where the organization is not made by Stoa (where Stoa is only the host), the application confirmation will be sent to the participants by the guest organization team. Participants whose applications are accepted by the guest organization must register for accommodation on the application page of the relevant workshop on our website.
  5. In case of a positive response to the participant, the necessary information is sent to pay the registration fee. Until the participant pays the registration fee, he is not deemed to have registered and his place is not reserved. In the event that the quota of the workshop is filled, the participants whose application has been accepted but have not paid their right will lose their right.
  6. You are responsible for controlling your services. Under normal circumstances, all sales are final. Please see the Cancellations and Postponements section regarding the deductions for cancellations made by the participants.
  7. When an event is canceled or its date is changed, the procedure to be applied is determined and announced by Stoa. In the event that an event is canceled or its date changed, Stoa will use reasonable efforts to notify service bearers of such cancellation. It is your responsibility to be informed about whether the relevant event has been canceled and the date and time of an event whose date has been changed.
  8. In the event that an event has been canceled or the service owner is unable to attend the event whose date has been changed, service holders may be refunded. It is the responsibility of our customers to comply with the deadlines and other instructions set by Stoa regarding refunds. If a show is postponed or canceled, the venue or organizer may impose some limitations on the refund terms. Refunds for services purchased prior to the actual event date are limited to the price of the purchased service announced on our website and paid by the customer.
  9. This service is arranged subject to Stoa's rules and regulations. Stoa reserves the right to take you out of the venue if you violate any of these rules and regulations or if you engage in behavior that is likely to cause damage, discomfort or injury.
  10. Stoa reserves the right to block the entry of the relevant customer in case of any violation of its rules and regulations. Stoa may make a security call from time to time to ensure the safety of its customers.
  11. Stoa reserves the right to make changes to the program without any obligation to refund or change service.
  12. Use of camera or recording equipment is subject to Stoa's Rules and Regulations. For this reason, cameras or other recording equipment, laser pen, mobile phone, dogs (except for handicapped guides) and food and beverages brought by customers from outside are prohibited.
  13. Stoa is not responsible for any accident or illness that may happen to the participants during their stay. Participants benefit from their own insurance in such cases.
  14. Stoa cannot be held responsible for the personal belongings of the participants that may be lost during their stay.
  15. Those who insist on not complying with the general rules of the workshop or the Stoa during their stay at the Stoa are cut off. In this case, the participant will not be reimbursed.
  16. Service holders, as spectators, hereby consent to the recording of audio and video.
  17. Services may be limited to a certain maximum number of credit cards per person, and some activities may also be limited per household. We reserve the right to cancel services purchased above this quantity limit without prior notice.
  18. All of these terms and conditions are subject to Turkish Law; Distance Contracts are not subject to the principles and procedures applied in distance contracts pursuant to subparagraph (f) of Article 11 of the Regulation on Implementation Procedures and Principles.
  19. Stoa website is built in English and Turkish. In case of any difference and/or contradiction between the Turkish and English texts, the Turkish text shall prevail.

Cancellations and Postponements

Important note: Katılımcı tarafından gerçekleştirilen iptallerde iptal ilgili kampa; bir aydan fazla bir süre kala yapılırsa toplam ücretin %35’i, bir ay ile on gün arası kala yapılırsa toplam ücretin %65’i, on günden az bir süre kalan yapılırsa toplam ücretin %85’i kesilir. Kamp başladıktan sonra ise hiçbir surette geri ödeme yapılmaz. Bu bölümde söz konusu olan ilkeler Stoa tarafından yapılacak iptal ve ertelemeler için geçerlidir.

Stoa may cancel or postpone events, workshops, performances due to weather conditions or conditions that may affect the audience and employees. The procedure to be applied when an event, workshop or show is canceled is determined and announced by Stoa. If your event is cancelled, you can find out about the procedure to be applied in newspapers, on our website ( or you can get information from our phone numbers on our website.

For cancellations, Stoa will reimburse you for the service fee. If the place or date of an event is changed, it may impose certain restrictions on the refund of the ticket price. For full and detailed information on this subject, please contact us.

It is the responsibility of our customers to contact Stoa for cancellations and delays. However, for your convenience, Stoa Customer Service may purchase or stoasirince.orgThey try to reach the service owners with the phone number or e-mail address reported to us when signing up. while receiving service or stoasirince.orgThe phone number and e-mail address you will provide when you become a member of .

It is the responsibility of our customers to comply with the deadlines for refunds and other instructions set by Stoa. In the event that an event is postponed or cancelled, the show Stoa may impose some limitations on the refund terms.