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Your camp will take place and we will see you here shortly. Please read this email carefully to avoid any inconvenience upon your arrival. In this e-mail, we would like to give you some preliminary information about the requirements of this camp and the life in the Stoa.


At our website you can pay by credit card or bank transfer. You should go to Applications tab. You can see your application and payment button there. If you prefer to pay in cash, let’s add that there is no ATM (cash machine) belonging to any bank in Şirince and you should come prepared. You can pay in dollars or euros..

About Life at STOA (formerly Tiyatro Medresesi)

The weather in Şirince became cooler. We recommend that you come prepared. We have a medicine cabinet for emergencies, but we recommend that you bring medications that you take regularly or that you can use for any allergic ailments. We wish it not to happen, of course, but it takes 15 minutes for us to take the participants to Selçuk State Hospital for a healthier intervention in case of an important discomfort or injury. We expect you to pay for your health and treatment expenses during your stay in the Stoa.
During your stay in the Stoa, we wish you to participate in a life in harmony with nature and other Stoa residents, to feel and act as a part of the Stoa. The most important thing we want you to pay attention to is to ensure silence by thinking of your friends who are sleeping after a certain hour at night. We know that the time spent in Stoa is so precious that one wants to continue the conversation without missing a single minute. However, we will ask you to pay attention to your sound level after 23:30 and to ensure complete silence outside after 00:00.
A healthy eating regime awaits you in the Stoa. Our menu is mainly vegetables cooked with olive oil. If you prefer a gluten-free diet, it’s a good idea to come supplied. Even though our meals are mostly vegetables, soups and rice containing gluten can be served sometimes. It would be beneficial to bring a notebook, shampoo and bath towels for your comfort in the Medrese in order to keep notes in the studies. In order to minimize the risk of contamination, it is important to bring a flask or bottle..


You can find the details about transportation on our website. After the entrance of Şirince, you will arrive at the Stoa in 7-8 minutes. If you prefer to pick you up from the airport or Selçuk privately, the captain will ask you to contact us one week before. We will provide you with a prompt response to the transfer fee and method.


• Waterbottle or bottle
• Medications that you take regularly or that you can use for any allergic ailments
• To be valid for our participants who prefer a gluten-free diet; gluten-free supplements.
• A notebook to keep notes in lessons and rehearsals (Your instructor may have additional requests about your camp. Please check the “Before Arriving Camp” section on your camp page)
• Your shampoo and other hygiene products

For all your questions about the camp, you can contact us on the application page, or call us if the issue is urgent or send an e-mail to info@stoasirince.org

See you,
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